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World Chef – Cheat and Hack


So you fantasize about being a world-class chef with your restaurant? It can be a pretty tough job, right? Well, you can practice being a chef and be the owner of your restaurant in the very popular game known as World Chef! World Chef Game is gaining popularity both in Android and iOS platform. With beautiful graphics and lots of levels and scores, you can engage yourself in making the fastest growing restaurant serving world’s best cuisines!

All about the Game:

World Chef Game is all about living a dream. If you love foods and top cuisines and if you like management, then this game is for you. The player plays the role of a chef. And just like a real chef he has to make sure if the food is okay and whether the customers are satisfied. That is the primary motive here. One has to ensure if the service provided is going on well and all the orders are dealt appropriately. Apart from that, you have to look at the dishes, buy ingredients from the market, hire employees and much more. It is a strategic game which involves fun, creativity and business mind. The more you play, you keep earning points and make sure all your customers have been served with their ordered foods. Likewise, you can unlock different levels depending on the points you have done.

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Game features:

The game is supported on both Android and iOS. The graphics are pretty well made. During the game, you will be introduced to some stuff that you can do. But for that, you need to unlock the levels.


Being a Chef:

There are chefs from almost more than twenty nations. Italian chefs, Mexican chef, Indian chef, Japanese chef, Spanish chef and much more from other well-known nations are available. They too can be unlocked here. Apart from chefs, you can also team up with Barman and winemakers.


Markets and Ingredients: Now for the food, you will need ingredients, and those ingredients can be purchased from the Market and The Boat Dock. There are varieties of food ingredients to prepare your dishes. And its investment depends upon the Coins, Value, and Popularity. One cannot ship unlimited items from the market as the food has its refresh time. The Ingredient Storage also has to be expanded as you can unlock more ingredients. Special Delivery Crates and Expansion Baskets can be achieved after certain levels.



There are cooks for a particular type of dishes. For example Dough cook, grill cook, milk cook, stove cook. The dough cook is specialized in the kind of food where the dough is prepared first, such as pasta, bread, noodles, etc.



After the arrangement of required ingredients, the dishes are prepared. There are two types of dishes: Chef Dish and Cook dish. Chef recipes are those that are being developed by the chefs whereas the cooks make cook meals.


The performances depend upon the number of dishes you have prepared, the number of orders you have served and the number of lands you have got to expand your business. It also includes decoration or theme you have got, the amount spent on champagne and social market, assist in the vineyard and chill out area, and much more. The more you keep on fulfilling these criteria, the more your designation rises from Junior Chef to Global Superstar Chef. And you will be receiving Recipe Cards - which, depends upon your number of XP, Coin, and Popularity.


Theme and Decoration:

World Chef Game is full of creative elements. The subject of the restaurant is also on the list. Many items can be unlocked, such as Indian Theme, Arabian Theme, Japanese, Spanish and much more.


World Cheaf Cheats & Hack Features....

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World Chef Cheats

The more modern game is, the more demand rises for its Cheats and Hacks. World Chef is no exception. There are many tricks and strategies for the players to keep the game going. So here are some awesome cheats and, strategies you should apply:

Time matters: In this game, the timing is not that critical. You can play anytime. What important is: while you are playing, you have to make sure that the foods being served to the customers on time. To meet the client's demand is one of the primary objectives of the game. It takes the time to expand your restaurant, to collect themes and levels. So time management is a must.

Keep on Cooking: The main backbone behind growing your business is to cook and serve food. So you have to keep on cooking. The more dishes being served, the more customers will come. They won’t have to stand in the queue.

Cook some easy recipes: Now this is a clever way to run the game. Cook easy dishes that are less time-consuming. Hence, you will be able to prepare more foods in less time. And therefore, you will be able to feed the customers more. This will keep your learning in motion.

Have an eye on the ingredients: To make foods, you have to be sure that at least the essential elements remain in the store. Bread and Cheese are two such components that are required in most of the dishes. Hence make sure it is in stock. Meat, especially the beef and potatoes must also be taken under notice.

Do not hurry: Some of the foods might take a longer time to prepare. But that’s okay. You have to deal the business with patience. Your primary focus should be on making standardized foods. If you bring out the good quality, then the time will not be an important factor to be bothered.

Visit the Market quite often: The market has some pretty good deals. Sometimes the price is worth the quality you receive. On top of that, one can sell the excess products which can fetch you money.

Ingredient Storage must be full: It is necessary to have a check on the ingredients. Minimum three to four essential components must always be in stock. You never know what can go out of stock; in that case, you can use those on an urgent basis. You must not run out of supplies.

Spend Gems Carefully: The flowers are pretty significant. Unless you are using any Hack tools, you would not want to spend your limited gems unnecessarily. So take wise plans. For example, you can spend gems on the Dough Helper instead. This in return can fetch you high yields.

Prioritise the customers: Remember the icons that pop up with the customers. Learn the symbols that represent when they "like" or "hate" or "in a hurry". In that way, you can serve them better.

Upgrade your storage: When the room gets fuller and tighter, it’s better to upgrade. This will ensure your smooth running of the business.


World Chef Hacks:


With the increase of the demand of World Chef, many game developers and software developers have come up with its hacks also. They crack the algorithm of the required gameplay, and as you download their tool or software, they inject those hacks into the game. Many websites allow you to download tools or software that increases the number of gems and coins during the gameplay. These World Chef Hacks ensures full safety. Some of the hacks come without any download option. Those are online generators. You can just Sign In, and it will start working.  These game hacks are undetectable. It has anti-ban protection. One does not need to jailbreak the mobile or PC device.  It’s straightforward and easy to use interface allows the user to play focusing on their game. Try to use the hack tools that are certified by the security team.


So hope you serve your customers with world-class hospitality and top-class cuisines. These cheats and hacks are for the World Chef lovers who do not know exactly how to keep their heads going in their business or for those who seek to improve their strategies and skills. And if you are stuck, don’t delete this game. YOU LOVE THIS GAME, RIGHT? It’s just that you can’t cross one level! That’s okay; you can use the hacks available on the internet for your good. So have a happy Restaurant-ing with the World Chef!

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